The Beat Booth is a fun, exciting and hip DJ team! We are sought after for several reasons:

  • The fresh modern vibe that we bring to our events. We use turntables to DJ creating an upbeat, modern, live action vibe for today’s hip weddings and events!
  • We book out in teams! When you book The Beat Booth you always get a DJ/MC and a DJ assistant/music coordinator. Nathan or David DJ's and Mc's your event while Erica or Sarah coordinates and makes sure everything flows smoothly the day of.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in event planning, promotion and DJing.
  • We pioneered video DJing in Arizona. This is where we DJ with music videos during your dance party. It creates a high energy vibe and gets your dance floor alive and jumping! We DJ with or without music videos, whatever fits your style best.
  • We know how important lighting is to create a polished image at your event. With this in mind we provide all necessary lighting to accommodate your vision!